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Been looking back thru. some old topics , assault rifle was one . Why do some seem to believe an AR-15 is not one ? why must it be called something else ? black rifle ?
look it up in the dictionary it fits perfect ! as does an M1-A . M-1 , Winchester M-94 etc.
Hunting , why do we need to have some almighty special reason to convince the world we need to hunt ? Why do we need to concoct reasons for what man has done since he has been on earth ? for the life of me i can't see how the anties become anties . Hey if their relatives could not have hunted they wouldn't be here to complain !
and what is personal ethics ? ethics apply to professional groups and codes of conduct related to them . Do people mean morals ? how they act when no one is looking ?
what is a politically correct pistol ? sort of like military intelligence , just sounds funny .
In the finial analysis we can be made to sugar coat every aspect of our communication ! but in reality it little more than picking words that won't offend people we can stand in the first place ! Maybe we should go back to calling it like we see it and quit wasting so much sugar !

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Yeah i got you, it is kinda like people say they don't eat meat because they don't
believe in killing animals, then you look down and they are wearing LEATHER shoes,
LEATHER belt. LEATHER wallet. ???
Some one has to kill it.
People have hunted ever since, their have been people. if you don't understand,
it can't be explained to you :D
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