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where to get brass for reloading

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I am very new to the CAS style of shooting, have been into the mountian man shooting for a long time. I am about to start reloading .45 colt and need the brass, where have you found a good reliable source for brass. After all the years of shooting bore stuffers needing brass is new to me :) And since i have been shooting BP i will be loading with bp ,love the smoke and fire( and of course the smell :-D
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Try Best prices I've found and their 45LC has worked fine for me.
Howdy Bigun has Starline as well asWiinchester. Starline seems to be just a bit thicker. Pros and cons for either and both are good.
Hello Ironhand, from another old frontstuffer fan who's also gone "Cowboy"! 8)

The guys have already given some good sources fer brass. So I'll ask a question and make a comment. :-D

Are you loading .45 Colt fer yer lever gun? If so, I recommend the Winchester brass over Starline. Starline makes really good brass that will stand up to a lot of reloading but in lever guns I always tell folks to go with Winchester because it's thinner and will obturate better to seal the chamber. This will help cut down on blowback and fouling getting into the won't stop it, but it'll help!
Good advise from all. But here's what I did. has a special right now. For about the price of 1000 pieces, you can get 500 already loaded. I got 1000 loaded, it's new Starline brass and will have my own once fired ready to load when these are gone. Just an idea. Let you get all of your 45 stuff together while you shoot these up.
Give Midway a try, I have had good luck with them. Though I have been lucky enough to find used 45 Colt brass at Gunstores. Good luck and have fun. :D
Hi, has cowboy loads with new brass for 220.00 per thousand.It is a quick way to start shooting and gives you a few cases for reloading. They also sell ammo with blackpowder(substitute).

Thanks for the tip on the thing. I went to their website and was amazed at the low prices, not only for .45 but for 38-55 as well. I noticed that the only bullet weight in .45 colt was 250 gr. I am going to e-mail them to find out if they sell loaded rounds with a 200 gr. bullet. I will let you know what I find out.
National Bullet has the 200s as well. Both are great to deal with.

Old Cane
WOW! National does have great prices. Cost per 50 rounds of 200 gr .45 colt is $7.50, or $250 per 1000, or $286.18 per 1000 rounds delivered to me in California. That is the best price I have found yet.

Thanks for the tip.
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