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Where to put my ground blind

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Maybe not the place to ask but will try anyway. I've always been a shooter all my life used to shoot competition etc even tried my hand at the 1000 yard range in Pennsylvania now that's a challenge there anyway I've never really been much of a deer hunter although I have gone before I guess I really never schooled myself on it so I got permission from a landowner to put some pallets up make myself a little camouflage ground blind I know the deer run through there can't tell you how often but how in the **** do I really know where to set this blind at I'm at a loss I always hunt by myself cuz my dad quit hunting before I even got old enough to hunt but anyway I'd like to put it somewhere where I know a deer is going to walk through and I want to get it out there now so I'd appreciate any ideas comments suggestions whatever thank you very much. Johnny
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Find a well used trail and look for a rub line as the fall progresses. If in rolling terrain try and find a set-up a tad higher than the trail downwind of typical wind patterns. Use your weather app to check wind directions daily to help with ascertaining that info.

Set up higher if possible as mentioned, but NOT on the top of a knob or ridge, so as not to be/get skylined. A natural backdrop like a large or double trunk tree help hide your backside and use smaller trees adjacent to affix small saplings as sides to brush in with typical brush cut from a ways away from the set-up.

If you need to clear a shooting lane, do it with minimal trimming. I'm, right now, sitting in a ground blind made of dark, seasoned pallets covered by cut brush that give me a good view of the bear bait and allows only my head to be seen above it.

A downed tree, leaning, makes a great backdrop too, while maintaining a true natural backdrop that may also allow you to trim branches to use in front as well. Sitting in between branches from a newly downed tree is a wonderful "instant" blind.

Good luck 👍
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