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Where to put my ground blind

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Maybe not the place to ask but will try anyway. I've always been a shooter all my life used to shoot competition etc even tried my hand at the 1000 yard range in Pennsylvania now that's a challenge there anyway I've never really been much of a deer hunter although I have gone before I guess I really never schooled myself on it so I got permission from a landowner to put some pallets up make myself a little camouflage ground blind I know the deer run through there can't tell you how often but how in the **** do I really know where to set this blind at I'm at a loss I always hunt by myself cuz my dad quit hunting before I even got old enough to hunt but anyway I'd like to put it somewhere where I know a deer is going to walk through and I want to get it out there now so I'd appreciate any ideas comments suggestions whatever thank you very much. Johnny
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let them get used to it...hunt transition....pine to swamp....pines to oaks...etc....scan and hunt draws and valleys, cover blind with tarp then camo covering like burlap etc. pine branches freshly cut help cover scent.
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