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Where'd all the rabbits go?

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Back in September and October, there were rabbits all over the place around here, especially in the evenings and I was really looking forward to putting together a box-trap and trying it out. I've been watching the past few weeks now and haven't seen anything. My Beagle is really wondering what's going on. Seems like they were lots of them and then they just disappeared. I've been noticing a lot of bobcat sign up above the house, but I don't think a bobcat couldv'e done THAT much damage to a rabbit population.
Do they normally move to better ground or die out every year?
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where did all the rabbits go

no rabbits where i live just hare . they do move alot. ever notice where theres a good rabbit thicket on fresh snow ., may see signs of hawks ,owls ,weasel ,fisher,bobcat ,coyote,fox,ive seen all this at one rabbit thicket. litle farther north you can add wolf ,marten and lynx, which ive seen sign of them but very rare here. some places you can add mt lion. its not a wonder the rabbits are gone its a wonder there are any . if they have the habitat theyll survive all these critters hunting them . have ridden my snowmobile in to thicket in morning at daylight. very fresh snow 4 hare killed by owls in snowmobile trail. in a few miles. we arent the only one hunting these bunnies. pete
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