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Where's all the rabbit hunter's????!

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Just wanting to see how many die hard beagler's were browsing these forums.
So anybody puttin a hurtin on the ole rabbit population this year?
Not to many things I enjoy more than hearin a pack of dogs comein round on a hot trail...
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Sold our pack 4 years ago. We have been sad since, they were #1 hunting dogs. We have started rebuilding from scratch this year and won't be burning up any bunnies till this coming fall.
Beagles by nature with little or no traning hunt rabbits. They bark alot, and use their super nose to follow a bunny's "cold tail" (a rabbits path that can be several hours old). Cool thing about beagles and rabbits is that 90% of the time, a rabbit , once jumped, will circle back to within 30 or so feet of the origional spot he was jumped. Quite often rabbits will run in a half mile circle, making for a exciting chase. The "voice" of each dog can be reconized at 1/4 mile. We get a kick out of "hearing" what dog is in the lead. Rabbits will run several hundred yards ahead of the dogs and wait on them to catch up alot. It's alot of fun to watch dogs use their noise to follow his trail. Anytime a rabbit wants, he can go to a hole and be safe, that leads me to think rabbits have fun out running dogs. Dogs rarely catch a live rabbit. Beagles also can tell the difference between rabbits, once the chase is on, any new rabbit that jumps is ignored until the first chase is over. These little beagles never stop amazing me as to their team work and dedacation to the hunt.
Rick AKA volshooter

BTW, common house cats will and do kill many rabbits. Statistically they kill one rabbit per cat per night. Not all cats hunt them but I've seen first hand the damage cats do.
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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