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Well it's done! :grin:
Is it the 200gr Sierra
or the 220gr Hornady,
or the 250gr Handi?
Thanks Carl for the donation and extra offer. Hope this meets expectations.
It is on the second page, so scroll down to where it tells you to continue.

Hope this help everyone see and help them decide which bullet is best for them. me, I'm still wondering between the 200 and 220, I like the 250 Handi overall, but then I'm partial.
Best Bullet?

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I guess best for whatever you're planning on going after :grin: In otherwords, it depends.

I'm pushing 2100 plus from my 94 BB's 20" barrel with the 250. I'd bet one could get very close to that, if not a bit more out of a 28" barreled 38-55.

In that case, I'd say most likely on heavy game. Not sure if it would on a broadside lung shot on smaller deer though.

But you'd still have a BIG hole in his lungs and it couldn't go real far.

I think the 220gr Hornady is a good compromise for a deer/black bear bullet. I've read several accounts of very good results on elk as well.

If I were going after elk, with MY rifle, I'd run a serious accuracy contest between my 250gr and Hornady's 220gr. If I am successful in drawing an elk tag this year, that is exactly what I'll do.

If my 250gr is even close in the accuracy, I'll go with it, because it seems more consistant in wall thickness and should penetrate deeper.

I still need to get out and do the water jug test. Too much to do and too little time to do it. Just finished loading the only 13 cases I have for my 243, with 85gr Sieera HPBT bullets. I have 10 others loaded with 60gr HP Sierra's that I'll use to get on paper ( I hope). If this is accurate, I'm gonna load for my 85gr Barnes triple shock bullets that are on the way.

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I have heard on a couple other forums that the major companies have made all the .25-35, .30-30, .32sp, .32-40, .38-55 and .375 brass all the same shorter length as they are using for .30-30 now, likely better hold on to any of the longer .38-55 brass you have left.
Don :?
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