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Which Gun Do You Wish They Would Make?

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Alright, so I took this idea from the Ruger forum. What gun do you wish that any manufacturer would make? This could be a handgun, levergun, etc. I know Winchester has been kicking around the idea of a .480 Ruger model 94ae levergun. I would like to see either Marlin or Winchester, not caring about other levergun makers, make some .480 and .454 casull leverguns. I would probably opt for the .454, especially if it would shoot 45 long colt loads. Heck, why don't we also request Ruger to stuff either the .480 or .454 down into their little carbine that now houses the 44mag-Deerfield Carbine. HEY COUG, tell them to stick that .454 casull in there and call it the Ruger Hogfield Carbine. Wouldn't that put a good whallop on some of those huge porkers you have up there! That would definitely demand a little attention. Go ahead and sign me up fer one! I would just probably have to go out and get a .454 Casull, so that I would have both a rifle and sidearm to complement each other.

On the Ruger note, I would like to see them make a Hunter version of the Super Single Six 22lr/22mag convertible. They came back out with the .44mag Super Blackhawk Hunter this year. It would be really neat to have a 44mag single action Hunter and a 22lr/22mag single action Hunter.

What do ya'll think about this? Let us know what you would like to see built. A man can dream can't he. It'll be interesting to see what some of you folks can come up with.
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Where to Start? :?

Bring back the 88 Winchester and 99 Savage - especially in .358 and .284.

BLR in .257, 7X57, .358 and .35 Whelen (Maybe even the .358 Norma.).

A light autoloader (a la Ruger "Mini") in .250 Savage.

99 Savage in .250 Savage.

Remington 7400's and 7600's in .358 Winchester and 7X57.

1910 Ross in .280 Ross.

Marlin Lever in .303 Epps.
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Since this after all the lever action rifle forum I'll stick to that topic and say I'd like to see Marlin make a rifle in .480 Ruger. I'd like it to be made of SS metal with octagon barrel 22"-24" long and full length magazine tube. I'd like the stock made of the nice gray laminated wood with pistol grip and a Pachmayr decellerator pad. D&T it from the factory for a receiver peep and put on an appropriate front sight. I'd snap it up in a heart beat.

I'd also like to see a rifle like my Marlin 1895 Cowboy in .32-40. Since an under lever single shot is tossed into the lever action category by some I'' go so far as to say I'd also like one of them in .32-40 while we're at it.

Which ones

I would love to see a Model 94 in 45-70, and a Marlin Cowboy in the 32-40. How about a Model 94 (new) in 30-40, 32 Spl, 32-40 and 38-55 (and bring back the 375 Winchester), bring back the 444 and add a 50-110 to that list. Mikey.
Ditto on that model 94 in 45-70! I have often wondered why they offered a timber carbine in 444 marlin, but never made one in 45-70.
My wish is a long one, but like GB said, I'll stick to the leverguns here.

I do wish Brownchester, or their fine Japanese cousins Miroku, would bring the 1886 out in 50-110. Yessir, make that with a color cased receiver, too, with some really decent sights.

I also wish the same consortium or whatever they are would bring back the 1873, maybe in 32-20 or 38-40 and throw in a 22LR for good measure.

I'd have to agree with an earlier post about the 88, too. Yep the 358 would be a good'un.

Oh yeah, take that dang cross-bolt safety and tang safety off, too. Get rid of that rebounding hammer design so that we can have nice slick trigger pulls too.

Just what I'd like to see.

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Let's see.

1. Winchester 94 Wrangler in 32-40 Winchester. Just like the Wrangler I in 32 Win. Spl. and the Wrangler II in 38-55 Win. with western engraved receiver.

2. Winchester 94's with SRC stock/forearm.

3. Winchester 94's in stainless.

4. Winchester 94's with chrome lined barrels.

5. Lever Scout (Winchester 94 Wrangler with Cavalry Scouts scenes engraved on receiver) Fitted with Leopold M8 Scout Scope.

6. Winchester 92's in normal runs.
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I just wish I had my old model 99 savage 300 back :D JIM
AH!! for me its the Winchester 86.what the llite weight short bbl in 33 Winchester and the standard in 45-110/ 50-110
Oh boy! Don't get me started! Ya HAD ta go and cast the ultimate bass plug at us! Well, I'll keep it short since it's levers we're discussing:

Dear Santa,
Please bring me a Winchester Model 94 in .30 WCF with a 24" octagon barrel, full magazine tube, Deep cresent butt with slight perch-belly (full 14" pull), straight wrist, turn of century fore-end and cap. Oh, and don't forget the color-casehardening on the reciever. Please also tell your elves that I'd take second job to pay for it in case you don't think I've been good enough.

PS, bring back the excellent Savage Model 99 - pre-war, of course. Oh, Yeah!!
Most of my ideas have already been mentioned, but........... about a Winchester 1895 in .35 Whelen, a Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in stainless steel chambered for .450 Marlin, the Marlin 1894 in .480 Ruger, and another run of the Winchester/Miroku M-71 in .348 Winchester in the 24 inch rifle and 20 inch carbine?

Oh yeah, count my vote in for the return of the Savage '99s and the Winchester M-88s! :agree:
Marlin is started in the right direction with the Guide Gun. First, take off the port, keep the barrel short, make it stainless and put a laminated stock on it to resist warpage. Synthethic is too cold.
:grin: HOWS ABOUT a 1886 or 71 style action in a take down with
differnt barrels in 450 alaskan 50-110 and 348 or a 50-110 necked down to a 338 in 20 to 26inch barrel lengths all to be used with the same reciever as a combo gun just switch barrels and go after it.
Dabigmoose :D
I'm with you 'moose 'n Greg, bringin' back a combo outfit in the '86 would suit this son jus' fine. Likely'll never happen, though. Back in the day Winchester offered multi-barrel sets, and survivors are rare indeed. Shoot, they even hated to make their lightweight guns in any cal. other than .33WCF and 45-70. Their claim was that the bbl and twist was matched to the cartridge and they couldn't warrant any deviation.The only exception seemed to be the 45-90WCF. Even though they claim to have dropped it in 1919,there was still enough call for this cartridge for it to be made up on special order right up to the end of production in 1935. There are even a few late guns in 50-110WCF, but 'ya ain't likely to find one.
Why not just grab a Browning 71 and go from there. They don't have the various safeties, and takedown parts are still out there to adapt to 'em. What do y'all think?

The Winchester 94 in the pre-64 format but strengthened to hold up the .356 Winchester, preferably without the bulges on the rear of the frame. Also a 94 .356 trapper or wrangler version, flat finished or parkerized with a satin finish walnut stock. And a realtree camo finish option.

Of course the Savage 99 with the straight grip, rotary mag. and tapered octagonal barrel in 358 Winchester.

And to be a bit odd, a milspec M-1 Carbine in 357 Magnum!

A 7.62 x 39 lever gun on the 92 action, with a tube that will handle pointed bullets. (Hey Remington did it, the tube that is.)

since ya left er wide open...

i would like to see thompson make the g2; not so much that i would buy one, but just so the rest of the folks who want one could get theirs. and maybe super blawkhawk hunters model in 357, 41 mag and 45 colt(since i aint paying production cost, what the ****, make a 22 long rifle version too!)
i forgot one...

i saw a picture once of a stainless thompson center hawkin. had a beautiful wood stock and all steel was satin nickel. i would like one of those while i am pipe-dreaming.
Id' like to see a 22 rimfire machomag. A little longer than the 22 wmr and pumpin a 40 grain bullet out at 2500fps. Put it in a slim and sexy pump and of course a marlin 39a lever. THen I want the ammo to be same price as 22 long rifle and available everywhere. Now we're a dreamin. I could make jackrabbit stew way easy. Wonder if the wife would notice a custom 22 k hornet in the safe. Humm, nope better not try it be fer christmas!
I wish

some one would make a 76 in 45-60. No ugly safties, no rebounding hammers!
I vote for the return of the 88 the 99 Savage, and the '71 in 348, and all of them in a few more calibers please!
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