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Which gun to buy?

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Ok, I know that Henry will be releasing a 45-70 next year.
Marlin has a few of them now.

I really love the 45-70, I own a NEF one and love it!

I bought my oldest son a Henry 22 for xmas last year.
Let me tell you it is a smooth, sweet shooting piece! is my dilema.....

Which one should I buy, the Marlin 1895 or the Henry?
The only thing I'm not sold on for the Henry is the way you load it. I really like the way the marlin loads.
But I love the fact that a Henry is 100% american made.

Does anyone have any opinions or insights to help me decide?
I'm also going to post this in the marlin forums as well.

Thanks for your input!
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Whom ever produces a strong .45-70 levergun and has the BAxxs to not put a safety button or lever or extra bs on the gun will get my money. All others will stay on the shelf.
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