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Which is the TRAP DYE too use

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Can anybody help me out who makes the best trap dye and the eaily too use but i want it to stay on the trap i dont want it to wear off when u use it the first time i have always trap beaver and ***** and mink and otter and i have also trap some for cats and foxes and coyotes the coyote i think is the hardest too catch i have trap foxes before and had coyotes kill the foxes in the trap :evil: on the water set trapping i didnt have too dye my traps i want too get in too coyote trapping more so can any body help me out with the dye and on a trap no smaller than a #2 for a coyote any help i can get i will take thank u :grin:
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Although I don't think dying is a necessary for buried traps, I like using wallnut hulls. It's a natural scent, does a nice job, and for the money can't be beat. boil and simmer about 3 dozen hulls per 5 gallons of water until it gets good and black. Strain off the pulp, and dye away. After the traps dry put a wax coat on them and you should be ready to go. Just a thought......
walnut hulls work great but hope you have your triggers set tight nuff as you will find alot of squirells investigating....try sumac bark oor any comercially sold log wood powder
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