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Which one.

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Between the 45/70 and the 450, If you reload then it doesn't make any difference. If you dont then the 450 will be easyer to find top end loads for. I wouldn't be too comfertable facing a bear with a 35 rem. Just my oppinion. KN
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Marlin Guide Gun .450 or .45-70 or 336D in

I have both a 45-70 and .35 Remington. Given equal guns, then the 45-70 can deliver more power. The power is irrelevant if you are mainly hunting deer and bear. Neither one will range very well, 150 yards being a practical limit for both. If you use .357 pistol bullets, the 35 Remington makes a fair varmint gun. The ammo is cheaper and the recoil is less. Factory ammo for both guns is quite good, but the reloading potential is greater for the 45-70. My first lever action was a .35 Remington, so I am inclined to that caliber. The .450 is a good choice, but finding it can be a problem, and I have seen guys with messed up hunts because the nearest ammo supply was 150 miles away.
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