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Gps 76C has 242 waypoints
493 Topo Maps
2 Routes
4 Tracks

Garmin Legend 180+ Waypoints
34 Topo Maps
4 Tracks
Gps fishfinder. I have am not sure. A bunch.

I try to manage my waypoints and other items. I just deleted a couple of routes and associated waypoints. I generate a few waypoints and tracks in my playing around. I'll delete items that I do not plan on using in the future. I will store sets of waypoints on my computer and reloaded them if needed. I deleted a bunch of waypoints I collected in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah a couple of years ago. At this point they were just occupying space and I deleted them.

Now that the snow is melting I will start do some pre-season scouting for deer. I have waypoints and a track for the area of interest stored on my computer. I can reload those waypoints, I can print a map or do both. On my scouting trip(s) I will generate new waypoints and tracks on my gps. Then I must draw a tag for the area. It is a tough draw.

I need to remove a bunch of waypoints. The unnessary ones are clutter that may slow me down.
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