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Up until 1970's, Lyman still had the 456192 Ideal mold in production... and then stoppped making it.

John Kort (w30wcf) has a friend that is Lyman distributor and he contacted him to see if the mold could be put back into production. The distributor contacted Lyman Products and they agreed that if a minimum of 25 molds would be purchased by the distributor, they would make a special run. The price of the mold will be $60 - $65 plus shipping from the distributor

So if you want the 350gr RNFP Ideal 456192 mold that was originally designed for the 1876 Winchester rifle in 45-75 ...

- Send John Kort an email ... [email protected]net ... (with your email address and name as a commitment that you will buy the mold) . When a minimum of 25 commitments are received, the distributor will follow through with the order from Lyman Products.

Since this is a special production run and IF more than 25 persons want the mold, I suggest you make the commitment now so the distributor has an idea how many molds should be produced in excess of the 25 required minimum number. At this time, don't know how long it will take for Lyman to do the run, but usually it is 6 - 8 weeks excluding downtime like the impending Holiday Season

John Kort will pass all the commitments to the Distributor and presume John will notify each how to contact the distributor, including your payment method.

PLEASE NOTE - John Kort is doing the this as a favor to those that want the mold and has zero financial involvement in the process

Might add - this 350gr bullet will shoot nicely in a 45-70 cartridge also.

I'm in for 2 of the molds and if there are any questions ... post them up here and John or I will get the answer(s)
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