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Going back and reading these post it occurs to me that there are very strong feelings by most of us from the South where as most, if not all, Northerners just spout the koolaid they've been taught or at least wonder why we get so upset about this subject.

I, for one, believe that there are 2 reasons why we feel the way we do:

1. We were invaded by the North and that by it self would lead to some hard feelings
2. The 8 years of reconstruction after the war and the uprooting of both Blacks and Whites planted the seed that we as Southerners live with today. I feel that the Northern Congress wanted to make sure that we aka the South would NEVER forget or try to raise arms against the Federal government EVER again.

The Government had a chance, at the end of the war, to do the right thing. Just as Grant did with Lee by treating them with the respect that they (we) deserved as Americans. The Northern congress said no way we will make sure this won't ever happen again so we went under the boot for eight long years. Which started a hatred that may never truly die out.
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