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Why do you own a quick-shooter?

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Why do you own a quick-shooter?

Well, as someone who knows squat about them, and never owned one, I'd guess it was because they shoot with a little less kick in the shoulder, compared to any other type. I hear a lot of 'em goin' off in the woods around me (shotguns anyway)! Spray and Pray, they say.

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Why do you own a quick-shooter?

The only semi-auto I own or have ever owned is an M1 Garand - and boy, howdy - does it shoot tight! I'd like to have the 740 in my gun closet.
7400 Convert

I stayed away from the semiauto over accuracy concerns, 2 piece stocks etc. But after getting a 7400 this year, boy was I wrong. Its is a 3/4" grouper @ 100yds with Hornady factory ammo everyday. It gives me 5 rapid shots of thumpin 180 grain 30-06 bullets, terrific accuracy and very moderate recoil. Great weapon. Ten shot clips are available too if we ever need them someday. 30-06 is common ammo everywhere. Ken
Why do you own a quick-shooter?

:blaster: I own some for no special reason. My 30.06 742 is accurate , dependable, and a well made weapon. Thats enough. I own all the other kinds too but they are not any better.
Why do you own a quick-shooter?

:blaster: One year I shot two bucks in a snowstorm that dropped about twenty inches of snow. I put one of my gloves over the muzzle when I walked to my stand to keep snow out.Like any rifle you have to clean them up when you get back to someplace warm. I used a graphite lube.
Why do you own a quick-shooter?

One of my neighbors gave me a Rem. mod. 740 in .308. It's seen a awful lot of use, but still functions beautifully. The wood has no finish remaining, so, I'd like to replace it with synthetic. Will the 7400 parts fit? Can't seem to find anything listed for the 740. Any advice will be welcome.
Cheers, Mike
Why do you own a quick-shooter?


I own several of them just because (as you call them) they are "quick shooters.

The country I hunt is very much like where you hunt (h*ll we're practically neighbours), and I'd estimate that still hunters and drive hunters in this country can lose up to 75% of shots to intervening brush. The grooming of shooting lanes just isn't practical in the thick stuff in the central deer range of Ontario. That quick follow-up is an absolute necessity if you want to go home with the bacon.

I feel I was the best when I used an autoloader, but I wore out my lucky 742, and lost confidence in it because of jamming. I now use a BLR or a Remington 760/7600, but my heart still longs for the semi's.


:D 86er, If you would like to salvage the wood,take the wood off the metal and wash it in some household ammonia full strength.You might have to do this more than once.Make sure you rinse well with clear water.I have cleaned some mighty bad situations like this. You don't have anything to lose.Hope this helps,I am CAL......
Why do you own a quick-shooter?

I one a 760 in 30-06 that I bought used in 1973, it is an early 60's model.
In December, I purchased a new synthetic 7400 in 30-06 and love the gun. The only problem that I have with it is the iron sights put on at the factory seem rather cheezy. Other than that, it's a great gun and I look forward to thumping some whitetails with it in the fall of 2003 and beyond. The old pump gun will still be around for a while too.
Reply to Ol Tom:

Yup, it does get cold here too. In fact the last couple of days have set records for those dates as far as coldest high temps. We are exceptionally dry here though. Causes worries about the coming growing season. We do have a few big bucks here as you say. I saw two grandaddies, the day after the close of muzzloader season.

I have not had any problems with the old corn shucker (760) in cold, wet or whatever. I have not hunted with the new 7400 yet, so I can't speak to that. Our November season is usually warm but there have been exceptions to that. We also have a late antlerless only season here in January. You can expect a lot of weather in that season.

I really enjoy this forum. I'm one of those that believe you can learn somehting from just about anyone.

As for the sights on that 7400, I have a scope mounted on it, so it's not that big of an issue. I have the type of mount though, so you can also view the iron sights. That has proven useful to me with my old 760. Not having that cost me a huge buck in 1973, and I still remember seeing a lot of hair in the scope at about 20 yards. After that, I bought this mounting system and wanted it also on the new rifle. These sights on the 7400, seem to be mounted too high. I have to cock my head way back on the stock to get them in alignment, then I'm not in a good shooting stance. I would like to replace those sights I think, maybe get something that is mounted lower. Any ideas?
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Love semi autos

I like semi autos because I am interested in the mechanical functioning of semi auto mechanisms. A few years ago I got a new Remington 7400 and was disappointed in the accuracy and it jammed some. I traded it for a used BAR II and have been very pleased with it. Very accurate, never jams, even feeds ballistic tip ammo. A tad heavy though. They do make a lightweight model though.
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