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Today I visited a mate who recently had been to an auction.
Here are his scores:
Remington 700 - rebarreled to 240 Wby in virtually new stainless barrel, has rings already - $250
Sportco 22 Hornet - rare b/a rifle made in 1970's in Oz; vgc with Tasco 4x32 - $290

Keeping in mind all these purchases were in Aussie dollars I'm beginning to get grumpy. :?
Why aren't I[/color] the one who gets lucky?? :( :roll: :D

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Coming from a guy that has won a number of shotguns, and rifles,
at fund raisers, I can't answer why life isn't fair :-D

I will say that there are those that always seem to step in varmint
dung, and come out smelling like a rose. My brother finds deals
all the time, but he spends a bunch of time and money looking
for these deals. He is lucky, too. He has had several experiences
where guys were coming out of a bank, or a tavern, and asked him
if he wanted to buy some guns. At which point he came up with
some real deals. No one has ever asked me if I wanted to buy
some guns! I guess I don't look like the gun buying type!
I just win new ones at fund raisers!


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kombi1976, I thought my brother-in-law was at the beach in South Carolina not down there. LOL. He finds those deals often. I never do. I feel your pain. Dave

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Kombi - If it weren't for bad luck, some of us blokes would have no luck at all in ferreting out these finds. To be truthful I occasionally run across some good deals but at such times I inevitably lack the economic means to make the deal happen :cry:
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