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Why is slower powder working better in my '06

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Just for the **** of it I loaded up six rounds of '06 with...

150gr Hornady SP's
57grs of Accurate 8700
All six into 1.5"
This is the slowest powder available why are my groups getting smaller ?
The barrel look's ok, not much unburned powder for some reason faster powder in my barrel shoot's like crap why? :?
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what the....

how did you end up at 8700? :eek: accurate's site shows like 54-60gr's for 1760-2000fps with lead bullets. who knows? they didn't even list it with jacketed bullets. :roll: on the 06 range report thread someone just gave you the best advice yet. e-mail sierra bullet technicians and see what they recommend for a 30-06 handgun. tell them what gun you got and ask for their recommended load. bullet and powder for hunting and accuracy. they will answer, and you can bet they know their $h1t. :D
Why is slower powder working better in my '

I just forgot I had it I was using it in my .300Win Mag.So, I tried some started at 50grs and went up to 57 primers were backing out with the lighter loads at 57grs the primers are ok no flat spots and no more primers backing out I did not chrono the load yet as soon as I get a chance I'll let you know.The loads didn't seem light kicked a bit more.Accurate does list a 8700 load with jacketed 200gr bullets
Muzzle flip.

I am betting that with a light bullet and a short barrel with the slow powder...a lot of the powder is blowing out the muzzle unburnt. Hence a reduced load, less muzzle flip, more control in general....Look through the bore..I bet you see powder. ****...6.5 MOA works for me. I'm just not that fussy, but then freezer is full. (just kidding, 3.0 is more like an acceptable number) I'll take better if I can get it, but I figure if I have it down to 2-3", that will give me more room for error with a kill shot.

P.S. The best thing I ever did with my Ultra-Mag was to switch from 7828 to Re 25. My scope stopped hitting me in the head and making me bleed all over my meat, and it definately improved the accuracy. I am not sure how much of that was from not being afraid of the scope hitting me, and holding the rifle weird to compensate for the recoil.
It's like a wise old man once told me...the fastest load is not neccesarily the best load.
Why is slower powder working better in my '

I've used IMR 4064, Varget, IMR 4350, H4350, H4831SC, and RL22 in my 30-06 JDJ.

I get excellent accuracy with the RL22 and C-T 168 BST's (one group was a near one holer). I also get extremely tight SD's and extreme spreads from H4831SC (single digits on the SD's). I also get good accuracy from all the powders mentioned above. My hunting load consists of IMR 4064, but I intend to use H4350 more in the future after I chronograph some loads that have shot extremely well. I didn't get these clocked due to problems with the speedometer at the time.

I am of the opinion that the slower powders still are burning virtually all of it in the barrel, even in a 15" pistol barrel. Some of the people in the industry, such as Rick Jamison, have demonstrated through the use of instruments such as the PBL 43 that most of the powder, if not all, is burned within a few inches of the chamber. This can be seen in the fact the his graphs show, that upon ignition of the powder, the pressure spike occurs while the bullet has traveled only a few inches. The graphs then display a gradual drop in the pressure.

Since the gaseous state of the powder will occupy roughly 100 times the space as the same mass of the powder in a solid state, it is clear that what comes out of the end of the barrel is the gaseous state of the powder. Since some cartridges are noted for displaying balls of flame at the end of the muzzle, then what is observed is the gaseous state of the ignited powder. Slower burning powders would be more apt to display this ball of fire. RL22 displays a quite large flame in front of the barrel (I can't see it in daylight, but observers have pointed it out to me...)

In simplistic terms, accuracy is merely getting the bullet to exit the barrel when the harmonics of the barrel are at their "best" (ie - barrel is momentarily stationary). That's why some loads shoot good, and some don't. OF COURSE, this assumes that a quality barrel, and quality ammo is involved. Poorly constructed barrels and ammo have the odds stacked against them from the beginning. Changing powder charge wt., OAL, and/or primer can and often does impact the accuracy of a given set of components.

So much for my 2 cents...


Rog :)
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