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Why isn't there another case size??

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I've been doing a LOT of research on different case sizes lately. I'm still looking for that 'elusive' .257" caliber cartridge for a 'do it all' round. I've come to the conclusion something between a .256WinMag and a .25/35 would be ideal.

Now some of you are saying the .257TCU or other .257 based on a .223 case...But I guess I'm thinking of something a tad bit BIGGER than that, yet still smaller than the .25/35.

I'm not really finding ANY cases between the .223 case family and the .308 family, with the .30-30 as the only exception. The .30-30 is rimmed and still a little bigger than what I really want.

The agony...I'm half tempted to draw up a new case design myself. Too bad there is no way I could afford to actually have it built.

I'm surprised nobody has seen this 'gap' in the case lineup. I would think others are looking for something similar. It would be ideal for a .223", .243" and .257" family that would be great for doing cross duty as a small game/varmint/short range deer rifle.

The .223 itself is too small, the .243 gets too big...Something in between would be PERRRRRRRfect!
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new case

the 225 winchester is a rimed case like the 30-30 is :D JIM
Thanks JHM!

I had noticed that case, but the RIM got me there too!

I wouldn't have a problem with the rim other than the fact, it would just be easier to have a bolt action barreled with a rimless case. I'm thinking bolt action would be the best chassis for this setup. Once upon a time I was a Contender shooter and the RIM was beneficial in the design and it would have been great!
Rims are no big deal in a bolt gun. A lot less problems than with the belts that are on a large number of bolt guns sold each year. The .225 Win. was brought out in a bolt gun and that's the only gun it was ever chambered in. Don't discount it because of the rim.

:cry: P-Man, you are making me crazy with this question. I have been looking at cartridge dimensions for hours. What about the 250 Savage? Rimless, same base as the .243 but tapered with an abbreviated shoulder and longer neck (good for cast). Handles the same bullet weights as the .243 with slightly less velocity.
I have recut the neck area of my 256 win mag to take fullength 221 brass in it. I have gained more support for the bullet and will be testing some new loads soon.
new case ??

plainsman: exactly what are you looking for this new case to do? what is the over all length you can have? what can the case cap be? Im sitting here wearing out the pages of my cartridges of the world 9th edition looking and there are lots of cases that can be made into almost anything with a little work. I believe thats part of the FUN of this hobby. Wildcaters have been scratching their heads for years doing it , amd confusing alot of us in the meantime also. Have fun their is no end to it. :D JIM
What about the .25 Remington? Same smaller bore base as the .30 Rem., and rimless.
New Case

Check out the new .223 and .243 WSSM's! These should cover your needs. Look for a .257 WSSM in the future if these two sell well.
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys sooner!

I've been knocking this around alot lately too and scratching my head over the different cases.

It's a quest for a 'little brother' to my .25-06 that has been lengthy.

Here's some more specifics on the jobs I want it to perform:

Case: Ideally I'd like a rimless case that uses LARGE RIFLE primers. Overall dimensions don't really matter after that, expect...

Capabilities: Here's where the current cartridges seem to fall down for me. I want to be able to use bullets from 60-65 gr up to 90-100 grain TOPS. I'd settle for a 65-85gr range. I want to keep velocities down under 2,000 FPS on the slow end, as slow as possible actually. I'm basically looking for a .22 on steroids by being in .257". I would like a squirrel killing capability at the low end. Yet, I'd like the heaviest bullet to have the capability to take a shot at a deer if necessary out to about 100 yards.

From all my researching, the .25-20 is just too small for the top end. It does well for the bottom end. The .250Savage/3000 and .25Remington is too big for the bottom end and gets too close to my .25-06 for the bigger stuff.

I can't download the .25-06 enough due to the case size. I can't load up a .25-20 enough either. The .257TCU (.223/.222RM case family) seems to be as close as I can get, BUT they all use SMALL RIFLE primers. If I could get them with Large Rifle primer pockets, I think it would be a go! ;)
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new case

you said you cant download your 25-06 Im looking at a load in a old speer manual as I peck away 87 gr bullet 13.0 gr sr 4759 mv 1502 thats getting down there. :D JIM

Hay Plainsman: how about the 7.62x39 case as a base. As the Greybeard said the rim won't make any difference in a bolt gun and the 39mm case might be short enough for you. Hmmm, necked on down to either 25 or 264 (6.5) caliber you might have a heck of a neat little field cartridge there. Good luck man, let us know where you go with this.

BTW, getting or designing specialty cartridges isn't all that expensive. With a drawing of the case you wish to develop you can have barrels chambered and dies made without monster expenditures, so you are not at a loss for options. This is Mikey and I hope this helps.
Maybe I'm tackling the problem from the WRONG END...

My biggest problem is that I can't find all these elusive 'REDUCED LOADS' the old timers used!! If I could find these loads, maybe I'm looking for something that already exists.

It seems that all the new manuals and reloaders are trying for the fastest barn burners they can find. I want to find some light, accurate, slow loads for lots of 'fun' shooting at low cost with a larger caliber than .22.

The .257TCU keeps coming up as the favorite. I have some articles about the .222Copperhead and so I consider all the .222/.223 based .257's in the same family as the .257TCU as it seems to be the one that lasted.

Thanks for all the input guys. Now you have me looking for lighter loads to existing calibers! :)
If it weren't for the no-rim and must use large primer requirements, I'd recommend using .357 Maximum brass necked down. It would be more than .256 WinMag (.357 Magnum necked down) but still less than your .25-06.

Maybe .44 AutoMag brass (starline makes it) necked down to .25? Same head size as .308, can actually be made from .308 brass (or probably .243 or .30-06, or maybe even .25-06) if you prefer. I expect you're looking for something smaller in diameter for the case, though.

Maybe a .220 Swift case necked up and shortened from 2.205" to 2.000" even?
how about something like a 256 win max?

just a thought but what if you wildcat a 257 into a necked down 357 max case, that would be a step up from your 256 win mag. this would be relatively easy on a thompson frame and bbl, just cut a 256 win deeper. R
I may have missed it is the thread but what about .257 Roberts?
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