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why not consult Texas Fish & Game or their enforcement f

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I'm recently retired from a state fish and game dept. A pet peeve of mine is folks who will write to forums and to hunting/ trapping magazines for info they should get from a state regulatory / management agency. Most state agencies have excellent websites and many employees who are eager to explain the regulations by phone or letter. CALL 'EM, WRITE 'EM, EMAIL 'EM -sportmen pay their salaries - and they like contact with the public. Often you can learn a ton of other helpful information in the process.

I'll grant you there are occasional mistakes made but go to the source. I wish I had a penny for each phone call I answered in my career. And I wish I had a couple pennies for the number of calls I received or made trying to clear up misconceptions people obtained from poor or uninformed sources.

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Well Bill he dialed the wrong number.....🤣
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