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I have only bought one Handi frame from here and sold nothing so this is new to me. I did read the Free post and want to abide by the rules so help me out if i am out of line here. I have dealt with Internet buying/selling on and have never had a problem... I will be glad to and intend to send my barrels out first for an inspection to ensure they are as I say.

If this sounds like a bad deal let me know and i will have the add deleted. it is no big deal one way or the other.

Will Trade Ejector barrels for Extractor barrels if it will help any of you out. This trade means straight across no money sent either direction for S&H.

I don't have to have the exact same caliber either for this trade but it would be preferred, you might have something I am interested in??

I have 4 barrels that can be traded no sights on any of them BUT the 44 Mag, I would like to trade for the same as i do have dedicated stocks and frames for some of these...

All are in great shape but the 22 hornet, it has been used and although not very bad it does show some age... The 22 Hornet is a factory barrel that I had reamed for the K-Hornet. It will shoot the standard Hornet just fine however the brass will be fireformed and 22 K-Hornet dies will need to be purchased to reload for it

Any barrel traded needs to be able to fit my SB2 frame. You guys know better than I that they don't all match up so it is possible that we would have to eat the shipping charges and send em back. so If mine did not match up on your frame you would be responsible to pay return shipping, I will do the same...

1. 22 K-Hornet light weight, Shot quite a bit and no idea of how many rounds
2. .223 Heavy Barrel Shot less than 150 rounds
3. .243 Heavy barrel Shot less than 100 rounds
4. .44 Mag Shot less than 40 rounds ( will not be available until after deer season 11/18/2007 because my 12 year old son wants to use this to get his first deer with..
Barrels i am interested in and would consider for trade are

1. 218 Bee
2. 357 Mag
3. 7mm-08

There may be other calibers and or custom barrels that I would consider and anny up for if it is something that will help you out and I can afford it.

My true luv is custom small caliber centerfires and actually I am not attached to any of these and since I have read where many do not like the Extractors i thought it might help out... I will probably run this add for 30 days....

BTW I am not interested in selling any of these barrels nor am I interested in trading for anything but an extractor type barrel to fit my SB2 frame(s). I want to keep the number of barrels I have and I would like to help out the guy who is not able to have the ejector style barrel(s).[/color]
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