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Take a look at this

I assume it matches the barrel contour and since it is aluminum and lightweight
I think a significant amount of testing could be done by attachment with epoxy.

Heck it might even be ok for permanent attachment to barrel.

Has anyone ever tried this peep sight on the smooth barrel guns ?

It is borderline expensive at about forty bucks but no where near
the hundred bucks and much more of some peep sights.

I'm sorry I just dont believe the claims of 3 inch groups at 50 yards
without a rear sight. My group size was about 6 inches at 15 yards.

I also found some PEEP sight inserts for less than five bucks that I
might epoxy to the top of the receiver in front of the hammer as test.

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H&R/NEF sold that or a similar sight for $18.95 IRC. A smoothbore with a bead is VERY capable of 3" groups at 50 yards with slugs it likes and just a bead up front. 6" groups at 100 yards is douable as well. The deciding factor after finding slugs the barrel likes, is the SHOOTER....<><....:)

and if you wanted to you could just drill and tap the barrel and put that sight on. Nit all guns,iths are willing to do all barrels but if you search hard enough (and believe), it can be accomplished, just like life....<><....:)

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving....<><....:)
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