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Winchester Model 77 .22 Jamming

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I havea winchester model 77 .22 cal semi-auto. This thing was working and shooting very well. 3 boxes of shells later its down to being a single shot because it jams after every shot. I just use it for grouse hunting so the jamming isnt a real big deal but I would like to fix it. I think it is the extractor claw. Is it to tight or to loose? Or am I wrong.
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The model 77 wasn't one of Winchester's brighter moves but it should perform a lot better than that. First thing I'd do is take it down and clean it really well and then lubricate it with miimal oil and see if this cures it. If not you might see the problem in the process of taking it down and putting it back together.

Semiauto rimfires need frequent cleaning to keep the action working smoothly.

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