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Winchester shotshells

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Trouble with the french made aluminum base, sinc coated shotshells? We had 2 differentMossberg 500s fail to eject expended shells out of just 75 fired.
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I had trouble with my Mossberg 500 ejecting any of the cheaper Federal field loads.I fixed the problem by getting rid of the Mossy and using my Fox or Remington 1100. :lol:
I hate to put them down as I know some of you guys like them but I've seen more failures to eject with Mossbergs than ALL other pumps put together. Kinda gotten to the point when I see someone with one on the skeet or sporting clays range I just expect to be held up while they get the empties cleared a few times. On more than one occasion I've seen us have to loan a Mossbery shooter a gun to finish so we could get on around.

I'd blame the gun not the shell if I were you.

Are you referring to the Winchester 12ga Super Speed 2 3/4" 7/8 ounce loads that have been sold at Wal-Mart? If so, then yes I've had problems with them. I have a Browning Gold Hunter that has had less than 50 rounds put through it since new, and it totally despises those shells. It would cycle the shells backwards, but just not quite enough to eject them. I started swearing up and down that I would never again shoot shotshells with aluminum bases. Come to find out my Browning just likes loads in the 1 1/8 ounce range better. It just doesn't consistently cycle the lighter 7/8 ounce loads. They work well in my Winchester pump, but my Browning autoloader needs heavier shot to consistently spit out the spent shells. If nothing else, put some 1 1/4 ounce loads through it and see what happens. I've also seen another thread on this website somewhere about folks having problems with Browning Gold shotguns ejecting properly. I feel that some of them have also been shooting lighter loads than their shotguns need to perform properly. :)
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Winchester AA reloads

My daughters semi Franchi 20 has problems with some 7/8 ounce AA reloads. Same 7/8 reload with Fiochi hulls no problems. Go figure. Ken
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