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I'm beginning loading for my Encore in .454 Casull, I see that the Starline brass is $10 cheaper per 100 than Winchester in my Midway catalog. Is Winchester a much better brass for the .454 than Starline or should I just save a few bucks and order the Starline? Let's hear it from the experienced pistoleros out there, I want to know your experiences. I've heard good things about both brands, I just want to know which to get. It's going into a 12" .454 Casull barrel on my Encore.
A couple other questions. Number one, does anyone have any good plinker loads with cast bullets for the .454 Casull, I'm looking in the slower .45 Colt range, two, which primer should I use for full-power loads and which primer for plinker loads, or should I use the same primer, and three, what weight is the best for accurate plinking loads and accurate hunting loads, that question is unabashedly directed at Billy Marr, and Billy, I've heard so many good things about your bullets that yours will be the first I order. Also, I want to have a limited number of different powders for this gun, I know H110 is the best for full power loads, what's good for plinking?

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Winchester vs. Starline brass for .454 Casu

I get my .454 brass from Starline directly. ( $68 for 250)

I use both Winchester and Starline, like them both.

I use WW296 and Winchester primers

My best grouping loads are,

1. 240gr XTP over 35gr of WW296 for 1559 fps

2. 340gr WFP (hard cast, plain base) over 30gr of WW296 for 1534 fps

Neither load is max, comfortable from my 6.5" Raging Bull and accurate.
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