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Winter Caribou Hunt

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Anyone have any suggestions/experience with winter caribou hunts. I'm considering a same-day fly-out hunt. I love game meat and the hide would be a dandy trophy for this cheechako.
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Illiamna is good. Usually in Feb the caribou are milling around just outside of town.
Thanks Yukon Jack

Thanks. I'm talking with Natron Air about a Feb hunt and I think that's where they hunt.
You might try here!

Matt: This is a site that deals with AK only. There are already posts there on winter caribou hunting that may assist you. I don't know how far or where you want to travel. I am not sure but if you want a real Alaskan experience in an Eskimo village try calling Palmer Sagoonik in Shaktoolik to see if he is guiding this winter. I know he does spring bear hunts up the Shaktoolik and Unguak(Spelling) rivers.
Goin' w/Natron Air

I decided to go with Natron Air and Tim Pope. Some guys at work had pretty high praise for him, even though they were unsuccessful due to weather and herd location last year, and he donated some flights (fishing) to our squadron's Christmas party (best chance for younger troops to get out). I'm looking at 9 Feb so wish me luck. It'll be one cold adventure no matter what...
:D hi Matt
Sounds like a good deal him supporting troops like that
You stay warm out there and get ya some caribou
and take your varmit call along.Good huntin to ya
I think your washin that cheechako stuff off in a hurry
Remember say a little prayer over the bou thanking its spirit for
giving its self to ya to feed your family and take your knife tip and poke
its eyes out for its spirit cant see what your doing to its body
Its a Indian thing about respect. But I Have had nothing but good luck after.
The time i didnt show Respect I got Mauled by a bear. :oops:
Good advice

Thanks Dabigmoose. I've never heard the bit about poking the eyes out but will do so -- there's still a wee bit of Cherokee and Choctaw blood in my veins. The German side of my family also has me putting a small sprig of food (grass, tree brach, etc...) in the animal's mouth for its last meal. I hope a caribou presents itself to me as a gift to my family.
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