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wisconsin whitetail hunt

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gotta put a hold on this offer. the wife is 5 months pregnant and i will have a newborn come this hunting season; which just burned up all my free time. dang wisconsin cold winter nights!!! did it to me again!
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I own a second house in North Park, CO about 1-1/2 hours southwest of Laramie, WY.

We shoot prairie dogs from the deck. More than you can count. Also rabbits and an ocasional coyote. The prairie dogs stay underground during the winter and start coming out again in May.

Check out my new web page to see a picture of the house and get an idea of what the country looks like.

My old web page is linked to the new page. But here's the address anyway.

Send me an e-mail.

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i have only passed through...

once or twice when driving truck years ago. i wanted to stop and experience the area so bad. looks beautiful! sent you an e-mail. i am out of time to surf tonight, will check in tommorrow.
those cold nights got me to!

hi myron,
im just across the big lake mich from you . my oldest daughter was born on the last day of deer season, so hunting that year was more in anticipation of a baby than for a big buck, so i know how it is! when she came into the world the last day of season i forgot all about hunting for the first time in my life! but it must have been an owmen because she is 13 now and is a hunter to. and i have gotten a deer on her birthday every year since she was born. she has been quite a blessing in many ways.


P.S. when you are able to partake in a hunt swap, i have hunting property in missiouri and last year i missed a possible B&C buck with my bow....
it still gives me nightmares hehe. im also an avid turkey hunter and have been 100% on them here in mich the past 5 years
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