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Lot of you fellows know my saga with the 35W. Sent if off to Brian56 at Remington. He had it ready to go in about a week. Wow, tickled to death with that. It was sent out on the 19th. Ups said it would be at me door on the 26th. Didn't happen. Said it would be at mt door on the 27th. Didn't happen. Said it was out for delivery today. Didn't happen. I went to the UPS customer shipping tonight and no one knows where it is.TOLD YOU I WAS SNAKE BITTEN BY THE 35W. So. I need to put out a tracer. No, can't do that. Remington has to do that. So, Brian if you read this would you please PM me so I can give you and update and the shipping #. By the way thanks again for your help.
I knew I wanted to shoot the 45 70 during PW season. ;D

Jim <")))><
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