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:D My seven year old grandson woke me about 6 AM yesterday and said "let's go fishing." I wasn't ready for this, it had been 100 degrees Tuesday but I rolled out of the bed, fired up the coffee, and walked outside for a look. There was a mild rain (Unusual for this time of year) and it was 64 degrees. I finally gave in, we grabbed a rod and a bag of plastic and walked down the road to a near by lake. Both soaking wet, he started casting. After about the third-fourth cast he caught one. We stayed for about 1-1 1/2 hours, I watched him catch 12-14 fish with the largest being about 3 lbs.

All the fish were release except the big one which he wanted to eat. We brought it home, cleaned, and cooked it for him. Heand I had fresh fish for breakfast.

I made three or four cast to get the worm under some overhanging trees, then passed the rod back to him to reel the line in. I didn't catch a fish, but watching as he did gave me more pleasure than I could have got if I had caught a 10 pounder.

Take a kid's good for the heart. (And by the way, the high for yesterday was 72 degrees, a new record,)
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