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workhorse or play toy?

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SO what is the main use for your atv? Is it a workhorse that tows trailers and gear around the farm or work place, or is it a toy mainly used for weekend rides in the mud and trails? Or is it a combo?

For me the Mule is a combo. It is used mostly for checking my hog trap, preparing for deer season and toting myself and other hunters around. Sometimes, it get a fun ride only, no work, just cruising trails and hills. Last night it was used to hoist two nice sized hogs up on the skinning rack.

markc :grin:
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:D Hello Mark, I can't really qualify what my mule is for.I guess it is a whatever vehicle.I use it for whatever comes along that it is fit for.Hauling wood,trash,riding the Grandbabies most! I think it is a Grandbaby ride now that I think about it! :grin:
Hey Cal

I think the most important job of your mule is to ride those grandbabies around! What fun that must be.
markc :D
All of the above mentioned with the exception of grandbabies, but then my kids are only 4 & 5 so they qualify. Right now the bigest job mine has is plowing this Upstate NY snow!

How much snow have you gotten in your area? Do you have a plow attachment on your atv? Thats gotta be better than shoveling by hand, but still colder than anything around here. markc
Well Mark, the local weather channel says we got 123.7" so far but I am located on top of a hill in God's country and I think we have had more than that! Yes I have a snow plow on it. Raises up and down with the winch but you have to get off and change the angle by hand. Does a pretty good job for the most part. You have to plow more often with this set up so the snow doesn't build up to much. I was away for Christmas and came home to almost four feet of snow! Had to borrow a tractor with a loader on it for that and it still took us five hours. (the area I plow is about 14x250')

Looking forward to spring!!!

Hi Mark;
I use mine for pleasure, hunting, working, checking my traps, etc. Mine is a 2510 model, and it will haul 1/3 of a rick of cut and split firewood at one time. Its a lot easier, to navigate between the tree`s to get to the dead one`s and leave the healthy ones. Something I couldn`t do with my 4 wheel drive ford truck.
bullet maker:D
my first ATV

Actually excited that I can post about this subject now as I just bought a decent used ATV. My soon-to-be-brother-in-law sells motorcycles/atvs/sleds and I told him to watch for an inexpensive but nice ATV. I've wanted one for hunting and pushing snow for some time now. Well, he called the other day and said he had one that he'd buy at his discount for about $2100 and that included new tires and the plow. It's a '91 Honda fourtrax 300. Granted, not flashy, not new, not fast, but for me it'll be my first and for what I need, I think it'll work just fine. Plans for it are some camo tape for winter hunts and a camo cover for summer months. Also a gun rack is in order too. I'm actually excited to get some more snow up here in ND so I can try it out in the driveway. Plus, the snow is always good for my coyote hunts too. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity.
first atv

I hope you have a blast, five O in ND. They are a lot of fun. My Mule got the battery run down this week, because it was 12 degrees for a couple of days and nights, but today, it warmed up to 38 degrees and it started right up. the battery is 2 years old and its time I replaced it. anyhow good luck to ya.
bullet maker :D
300 4trax

Hey Five o, Don't put yourself down about the 300 fourmax.I have had one of those now for 11 years.Funny thing,down here in So. Ga. where I am ever body wants to know when I'm gonna sell mine.Tell me that model is the one to have.I know mine has never given any problems whatsoever.Well,I had to buy a battery for tha dang thing last year.But I can't complaine,It came in tha thang so I went and bought another one from tha Honda folks.I keep it out of the water and the rough mud and it does great.I wish you the same luck with yours and then some,I am CAL......... :grin:
Welcome 5 O

atv's don't need to be flashy. They just need to work, and I bet yours will for many more years. That Honda fourtrax 300 is one of the best ever made in my opinion. Hang on to it. Now you need a winch, big foot tire kit...cup holders etc.... :-D
Of course we all know the cliche "careful what you wish for".... Well, shortly after my last post, we got some snow......boy did we get some snow. Not news to me as I'm born and raised in the ND/SD area. But the point of my post is that I got to try out the plow and all I can say is................AWESOME!!! I can't believe I ever pushed a shovel in my life. The FourTrax made a half hour job into a 5 minute one. That thing pushes snow like nobody's business......anyway, I'll shut up about it already. Just wanted to let everyone know that you were right, I'm damned pleased with my purchase. Thanks again for the opportunity and take care.
More snow?

Are you praying for a bit more snow so you can use that plow some more? Ain't it great when work becomes fun with an ATV?
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