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Wow, What a morning!!!!!

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Hi Guys. This morning was great. To start it off i caught a coyote in a snare. He was dead when i got there, choked himself. Then went to check more traps and i caught my first mink!!!He was alive in a 110 that i set in a dry root system. Boy was i excited.I am gonna get that mink tanned. He is a pretty big mink. Mink musk sure does smell though. Will the location get better like in fox and yote trapping with the smell of the last mink?Thanks Coonboy
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I for one expect a "sprayed" set to produce even better than before! This year for example I had 2 seporate pockets that smelled of musk after a catch, and sure enough they both produced at least one additional mink, and one of them produce 2 additionals.
I'm always proud of you coonboy. Your put a lot of time and effort into learning to trap and it is paying off for you. Congratulations! Concerning the mink musk odor, too strong of an odor of mink musk can possibly scare off some female mink. However, I wouldn't let it concern me. Just keep up the good work! By the way, congratulations too on you winning entry in the photo contest! Ace

Thanks everyone. Ace, it means a lot hearing that from you. Thanks. I am gonna keep that set in, hopefully can connect with it before the seaon is over at the end of the month. This mink was a really big buck. My furbuyer said they dont get much bigger around here. He skinned it out for me, with the feet, lip and everthing. I am gonna have him tanned and hang him on my wall next to my tanned beaver and weasel. Once i get my pictures developed i will try to get them posted for everyone. Coonboy
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