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T/c Contender .45/70 barrel. IT started as a 12" w/ the muzzle tamer. I had SSK lengthen the chamber and add the mega brake. It can handle the heavy CorBon loads with ease. I'm looking for $350 delivered.

Some of the blue is gone where a screw hole was not made.

T/C Duo-mount $34 delivered.

I have two of the beavertail style Contender forends. Both have been modified to work with the easy opening frame. One has been sanded on the side to get a few dings one. The nice one is $40 (top) delivered and the sanded one is $35 (bottom).

I also have 70 .45/70 CorBon rounds for the T/C for $175 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking.
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