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Doing a little cleaning and have a 10" T/C Custom Shop 480 Ruger barrel I would like to sell, bought it used awhile back and gathered up dies/brass/bullets etc. for it but have never gotten around to loading or shooting it, selling as a package that includes the barrel with scope mount, 100 new Starline brass, 99 Speer Bullets, RCBS Carbide die set with Lee factory crimp die, Lee Bullet mold and push through sizer.
I bought everything used and all is good condition as listed below.....Barrel and components were purchase at different times from 2 different sellers.

Brass is new (I ran them through the sizer) but never loaded them
Speer 275gr Deep Curl bullets, 50 in sealed box & 49 pulled with some marks on them
RCBS Carbide die set with Lee Factory Crimp Die
Lee 400gr Double Cavity mold #476-400-RF
Lee 476 push through sizer

Barrel I also picked up used and it is in nice shape with a few light marks from normal use, 10" Matte Blued T/C Custom Shop, scope mount is a Weaver or Redfield....see pics.
$400 Shipped and insured to US address...... payment by check, money order or PayPal.

This is a nice package, just add a scope, primers and powder and you're ready to go..... any questions please ask.

Thanks for looking,
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