LBT 408 368 SP1R--------Two cavity boolit mould for sale. Very good conditition and clean, doesn't look like it was ever used.
Does NOT have handles. You can read what Veral Smith said about it when I asked him about this mould below:

This mold with make bullets for any rifle with a 408 diameter or smaller groove diameter barrel. Simply fit it to the throat so it will chamber. Veral Smith.

SP1R stands for Spitzer with 1" radius ogive. I make Spitzer molds with .6 ogive radius (stamped SP), .8 radius (SP.8), and 1 inch radius (SP1R). These ogive curves are the same regardless of caliber, though all are not suitable to any caliber. For example, the SP (.6 radius) is very streamlined for bullets from 22 up to 6.5, but bullets begin to look tubby
as calibers get larger. The SP.8 becomes very effective for calibers from 6MM up to 45 and for reasons which I don't understand, in a 39 caliber 100 yard comparison, with 200 grain bullets, started at 2100 fps, bullet drop was the same as my SP1R. The SP1R in 30 caliber using bullets from 190 to 200 grains has won many national bench rest matches over the years. I've done no comparison testing with larger or smaller calibers but tend to recommend the SP1R ogive to customers ordering molds for heavy (for the caliber) bullets of 338 and larger caliber.