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Decided to send them all to auction. Thanks

I have a few items for sale. The loaders are mine and I have been using them, but I am selling them to recoup some other costs. I wil try to get pictures up later today. The loaders are all in very good shape and work perfectly. I would be willing to take a new .410 conversion kit for a MEC 600 Jr Mark 5 in trade torward any of the items listed below. Email or PM me and I take MO's, CC's, PC's & Paypal (+4%).

1. LEE LOAD-ALL 2 PACKAGE: I have three Lee Load-All 2's in very good working condition. There is a 12ga, 16ga & 20ga. The package comes with the shot & powder bushings, four sizers (2x 20ga), two primer feeds w/ an extra primer feed tray & cover, charge tables, two bushing boxes & four covers, 20ga original Load-All silver base & extra 20ga carrier. This is the perfect setup for somebody wanting to get into shotshell reloading. This one is packaged & ready to be shipped ASAP. $150 STYD.

2. MEC Versamec Loader in 12ga. It's in good working condition and comes with a 1-1/8 oz. charge bar & #30 powder bushing and powder & shot bottles. You can see which on it is at the link to its manual below, and you can still get dies to convert it to a different gauge if you wanted to. $75 STYD.

3. Hornady/Pacific Model "M" Powder & Bullet Scale. I got this a while ago with a lot of other things I purchased. I didn't need a scale when I got it and I have never used it because is missing its pan. Everything appears to be there other than the pan. $25 STYD
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