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This is a new in the box unfired Blued Encore 50 cal. w/ Real Tree Hardwoods thumb-hole stock and fluted barrel. It will come in the box complete w/ all the paperwork and lock. The box is marked that it came w/ that stock and barrel.
I put a Nikon RT Hardwoods Buckmasters 3x9x40 scope on it w/ Leupold QR rings and base also a Carlson thumb extension on it and removed the sights which I gave to a friend for his barrel.

I will take part payment in the form of an Encore SS 50cal. barrel w/ forend and ram rod. I have a SS Encore I would put it on. Also a Contender or G2 frame either rifle or pistol. I have several 16.25" barrels.
That is what I will use the money toward.

I paid $750 for the setup not sure if it was a deal when I got it.
All I am asking for my monies back and enough to cover shipping and insurance.
Be sure they will except from a non-ffl.

I'm asking $775 shipped to your FFL.
Please email or IM me with any questions.
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