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WTS Factory NEW Hornady 375 JDJ Brass (Proper Head Stamp) The brass I have to sale is NOT reformed 444 Marlin Brass but is Truly Factory New properly head stamped Hornady Brand 375 JDJ Brass (SEE PICUTRES BELOW). Full length brass, see picture. Bought a few in excess of my needs.


Shipping is NOT included in price, but it will be shipped INSURED USPS Priority Mail

Works great to neck down to 358JDJ,338JDJ,309JDJ and almost any other JDJ based on 444 Marlin Also

( Cheaper than Hornady 444 Marlin brass ($1.24 Each) at Midway: Hornady Brass 444 Marlin Box of 50)
(And ($1.02 Each) at Powder Valley: Hornady Brass Unprimed 444 Marlin (50) | Powder Valley)

Will be sold in the following lot sizes (Have 500 Cases ONLY Available here on GBO) for $1.00 each per case

20 Cases $20.00
50 Cases $50.00
100 Cases $100.00

First Public I'll take it followed by PM, gets them. Please post the amount you want and send PM for Total with shipping. Will take Personal Check (Ships When Clear) or Postal Money Order Only.

Thanks for looking

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