Items For Trade:

I have a Pro Hunter receiver in perfect condition. It's the T/C silver weatherproof coating - I forget the name. Or maybe stainless - I'm not sure. It is definitely silver, though. I'd like to trade it for an equally fine condition blued Pro Hunter receiver. This is just for aesthetics, as to me a silver barrel should have a silver receiver and a blued barrel should have a blued receiver. Most of my barrels are blued.
Material property Gun barrel Magenta Gun accessory Tints and shades

Wood Material property Everyday carry Rectangle Gun accessory

Material property Camera accessory Cameras & optics Magenta Font

And just for your entertainment, here are some of my Encores. I have about 10 other barrels, so I'm always in the market for reasonably priced receivers. although these will do me.
White Wood Air gun Gun accessory Gun barrel