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You sure about that?

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How do you know? (I ain't argufyin', I just never heard this stuff before.
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GOA gives Frist a thumbs down, NRA gives him a thumbs up. As a TN resident I'm gonna say that MR Frist is NOT anti. Some bills he voted against had bad riders attached. The Tennessee Firearms Association has not voiced any opinion. I would suggest everyone look at my fellow Tennessean closely before attacking him.
a little off topic

Sorry for not being exactly on topic here. I've been going through my email list and contacting all the state and federal reps that I had addresses for. Amazes me how fast they can change their email address and how many time they all do it in a year. Especially the ones who are anti-gun every time they vote on a bill. Ya think they're tired of hearin from me?
Frist is a gun grabber (nt)

I hope you and the rest of us continue to hound our elelected leaders until they hear us. I figure mine have me on ignore because of the volume I send.
Vol :D
Frist is a gun grabber (nt)

Frist no friend of gun owners
Candidate for Senate leader has history of anti-firearms support
More questions have arisen about the GOP senator most likely to replace Mississippi Republican Trent Lott as majority leader, this time from gun-rights groups who say he is no friend of the Second Amendment. According to an analysis posted on firearms rights website Frist has a poor record of standing up for gun rights. And Gun Owners of America, a 300,000-member group based in Springfield, Va., has given Frist the grade of "D" in regards to his record of votes regarding gun rights – despite his being a top recipient of donations from the National Rifle Association.
Frist, Politicians and Gun Rights

Y'all are going about it in the correct manner. A politician will go either way if his seat is at stake. Let them know which side their bread is buttered on. I miss the good ol' days when a politician stayed bought.

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