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30-30 loads

First off, Welcome to GBO forum sit back kick up your feet and enjoy!
In my loading 30-30 Iuse IMR 4350 useing 125 sierra's 130 speers
don't remember the load all info is out at the place. all so used some
150 grain pills don't remember the make. Marv.

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There's a lot of info here on the 30-30. Try using the search utility at the top of the page for "30-30" and you'll probably come up with a lot of reading material.

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Welcome to GBO!! :D I'd pick up a LoadbookUSA for the .30-30, it's about the most comprehensive source in one spot, another inexpensive source is a Hodgdon's Annual or Lee reloading manual, both have data for the lighter .30-30 rounds.

There's also some online data... 125JFP

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