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:D hi john
I use my hands and as you probably know wearing gloves can help
change tones.I have seen people forget to put their glove back on
as they didnt get the shot they wanted and made another call
with thier glove off at the ready mode to shoot and the moose took off.
I have tried a lot fo comercial calls and kind of knew not to expect
much out of them as most makers persume a moose will come
to any grunt when in rut.They need to put more thought into it than that.
Here in Alaska theres a fiberglass horn being sold by Wayne Kubat it works ok for distance and some for raking trees.But ya got to hold it just wright or it sounds kinda like fiberglass I still perfer hand made Birch And real antler bull grunts ,cow call,cow in distress when being botherd by young bulls
and a calf in distress I also have learned that the bull tones young or old
play a big difference with antler flashing.
I also collect moose urine from previous kills and freeze it until next season.I am shocked how many people think moose are stupid
because some dont run from them a moose is not stupid they
simply are not afraid of people and can kill you if they wanted
they fight of bears and wolves all the time.The alaska fish and game has
even videod a Bull Moose while protecting its cows picking a grizzly up in its horns
and slamming it against a boulder killing the bear.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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