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Your most expensive scope.

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I'm sure that many of you have repeatedly heard (especially from GB and myself) that "with optics, you get what you pay for." Granted, there are exceptions to this general rule, but for the most part, it's a correct and safe statement.

There is, of course, a major difference between the "most expensive" and the "best value." A Swarovski or Zeiss may be one of the most expensive, but I would not necessarily say that they are the best value (Although I am certain that some people would certainly say that they are.)

Asking people what scope represents their "best value" is quite difficult in that various factors come into play and, more importantly, it is very subjective and thus difficult to answer (or at least have more than one person agree with.)

I am toying with the idea of posting a topic called what scope is the best value, but for this point in time, I wanted to post a much easier, more objective, question that will prompt much easier answers.

I simply want to know the following:

1) What is the most expensive scope you own?
2) How much did you pay for it?
3) Would you buy this scope again? Why or Why not?
4) On what type of a gun is it mounted?

I don't want to ask, at least at this point, if you think that your most expensive scope is worth the price because I will reserve that question for a possible follow-up post on this forum (although you are all more than welcome to make any comments that you like.)

In any event, I guess that I'll start first.

1) Nightforce NXS 5.5x-22x-56mm Illuminated Mil-Dot.
2) Around $1,200.
3) I don't think so. It's too big and heavy(32 oz). It's built like a tank (.50 BMGs use them all the time in their competitions), but really unecessary for hunting, either in the US or in Europe. Plus, their optics, in my opinion, are not that much better, if at all, than Bushnell Elite 4200s and Nikon Monarchs.
4) Remington Sendero SF in .300 Win. Mag.

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Wal I reckon the one I personally paid the most for is likely my Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8x36 Matte which resides on my R700 LSS Mtn. Rifle in .30-06. This was a Product Test Project but at my own expense for all major components. Don't rightly recall what I paid for it but it was something over $300, well over as I remember even tho I got it wholesale from a major wholesale house who offered it to me at discount because of my web site.

Would I buy it again? Yeah probably. I really like it quite well. It is an excellent choice for an all round scope for use on a big game rifle to be used in all kinds of environments and lighting conditions. Has a good wide FOV at the bottom of magnification range but plenty of power for any realistic big game application.

Now it might or might not be a more expensive scope than the Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 AO Matte with mil dot reticle (I suspect it isn't) but I didn't pay full value on this one and so have a lot more in the Leupold. This one is mounted at the moment on the 14" SS VVCG .223 Rem. Product Test Barrel. IT does move around a bit as it is the best target/long range scope I own. So I like to use it on rifles under test to get the best I can from the gun or barrel under test. One of these days I'll likely stick it on a Remington heavy barrel and leave it. If I ever get my round tuit to buy me a Remington 700 VLS in 6 MM Remington that is likely to be its permanent home and the Bushnell Elite 3200 5-15 will then do duty for test guns.

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Leupold LPS
Around $1000
Not sure. I put it on a Weatherby 30-378 Accumark and sighted it in and put it in the gunsafe. Got it ready for a Western hunt and haven't been yet. That was 6 yrs ago.
gw :roll:

That's too nice of a rifle/scope combo to be sitting in a safe for 6 years. :cry:

:oops: I know Zackary. That ain't the half of it. Gave my oldest son one just like it when he graduated highschool. He graduated college last year and his is sitting right next to mine. I got to start using these toys.
most expensive

Leapold vari. x 11 3x9
about $125.00 I think I got a deal when I was in the gun business not sure
It has done what it was bought for I guess yes
Remington bdl 700 7 mag. :D JIM
Nikon Monarch 3.5-10x50. Bought it to go on my first deer rifle, Ruger #1-B in 257 Rbts. paid $330. Never has let me down. Own other Monarchs because of the first one and couldn't be happier. Nothing else compares.
1- burris 3x12 handgun scope
2- right at $300
3- yes,if i had enuff money, i already bought two more. best handgun scope there is IMO
4- two on encore pistol, one on contender

if i were pressed for money or just didn't want to spend that much i'd be almost as satisfied with a bushnell trophy 2x6 handgun scope.
Most expensive is a leupold 8 1/2-25 VX III mounted on a Remington 700 VSSF. Got a deal and paid $425 for it new. Great scope for a varmint or target rifle but useless for anything else. I would buy another for the same type of rifle. Next most expensive is a Burris 2 1/2-10 Signature with Possi lock mounted on a 7mm ultra mag paid $395. Good scope on this rifle but too big for my liking on a hunting rifle. My favorite scope is the Leupold 2-7 power VX II. Good scope for the money and adds little weight to the rifle. I currently have three of these and five more VX II's in 3-9 all are good scopes. I paid under $200 each for all of the VX II's. For a hunting rifle I personally think 7x is enough and when you spend more time carrying it than shooting the lighter the better.

> Most expensive scope is a Nikon Monarch 3-9x40.
> Retails for around $300, but paid $150 for this one new!
> Absolutely!! I love this scope and will buy more as the need arises. :grin:
> Mounted on Rem700 LSS Mountain Rifle in 7mm-08 and was on a Rem700 BDL in 300WinMag before that. No problems whatsoever.

... Crayfish

How did you get that scope for so little? Was it NIB? I own several Nikon scopes and love em! :grin:

1) What is the most expensive scope you own?
Probably my Leupold 3.5-10X is worth the most money, but I also have a Leupold 2.5-8X.
2) How much did you pay for it?
I got the 3.5-10X used for about $250 and bought the 2.5-8X for approx. $350 new
3) Would you buy this scope again? Why or Why not?
Yes and yes
4) On what type of a gun is it mounted?
3.5-10X is on a 25/06 Browning Abolt
2.5-8X is on a 300 Win Mag Ruger M77
Zachary - Yes, the Nikon was new in box ... factory direct thru a Nikon employee. Half price for just about anything they make!! I've bought 2 scopes and a camera thru them so far.

Don't tell anyone, though ... this is a secret! :) ... Crayfish

Do you think you could get a deal for me? I'm looking for the Nikon Illuminated model. Send me a PM if you can.

Most expensive? -- Swarovski 4-12x50
Amount paid? -- Roughly $800
Purchase again?-- Most definitely
Why? -- I own three of them and have never had problems. They do every thing that I ask, and the customer service is next to none.
Gun? -- 4-12x50 -- 25" Stainless Encore barrel, .284 Winchester (Nellie)
-- 3-9x36 -- 24" Blued Encore barrel, .243 Winchester (Betty)
-- 3-9x36 -- 22 1/2" Stainless Encore barrel, .17 Remington (Leroy)
8) :grin:

What happened with your Swarovski scopes that required you to test their customer service? If you never had any problems about their scopes, then how can you say that their customer service is next to none?

I sent the one 3-9x36 in to have the reticle switched over. I bought it with a #4 reticle, and wanted to switch it a 4A reticle. The customer service rep that I dealt with was very knowledgeable about the scopes, and it seemed like she actually cared about the product that she was dealing with. The way the firearms industry is today, it just seems like nobody cares about the individual sale anymore, and when you get someone who actually cares that you bought their product, well, I think that is good service.


I understand that the Swarovski scopes have "etched" reticles, meaning that the reticles are actually etched into the glass. Is this true? If yes, then how do they change the reticle? It would seem like they would have to replace the glass with another glass with another etched reticle.

Hey gw-
You better be careful Big T dosen't see your comments-
He Suggested a $39.95 scope to me- ( see my questions under TC Encore Rifle)
By the way- any chance you want to adopt a 52 YO unemployed guy from Wisconsin?
Most expensive scope is Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8X, that I bought used for $325. I would pay that much for a scope again, but it does not necessarily have to be Leupold. It's a great scope, but I am sure there are others that are as good (kahles, B&L, etc.) I have several vari-x II 3X9 and 2 X7, and also three B&L elites, and the odd Burris or two. I have pretty much gotten past buying a cheap scope any more, as I don't have time to deal with the aggravation.

It's mounted on a Winchester M70 featherweight chambered in 6.5 X 55.

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